Paederus sp. (species), also known in Indonesia as “tomcat” is a beetle of the paederus genne. There are many kinds of paederus based on the country they’re from. For examples, Paederus Melampus  (Indaia),  Paederus Brasilensis (Brazilia), Paederus Columbius (Columbia), Paederus Furipes (Thailand),  and Paederus Peregrinus (Indonesia and Malaysia). Their size are so small, approximately 1 centimeter in length. They have sting in their butts.

They are a nocturnal animal. They sleeps all day and undergoes activities in the night. These insects are attracted by light resources. If there are light, they will come and gather around the light resource.

These insects are the natural enemy of wereng sawah (rice planthopper). The rice planthopper is a pest and enemy of the rice farmer, because they harm the rice in the rice fields. This thing is an advantage to the rice farmers.

Not only helpful , they also treated as a dangerous animal by some people because they posses an amide compound named paederin. The molecular formula of this amide is C25H45O9N, which is acidic. The paederin will come out if the body of tomcat is being pushed or destroyed. If our skin touch this liquid, it will got eroded or irritated, because the paederin is corrosive.