Once upon a time, Sukabumi and Cianjur were still united by a certain kingdom. There lived a very beautiful lady named Nyai Apun Gencai. On that time, if a government official wanted something, that means he/she will always got what they want. One day, a governor from Cianjur saw Nyai Apun Gencai. Amazed by her beauty, the governor took her from Sukabumi with him to the Cianjur palace.

Unfortunately, Nyai Apun gencai already has a future husband. When he heard the news of Nyai Apun Gencai, he prepared a lot of earth resources, and then took it with him to Cianjur. He went there trying to negotiate with the governor. After the man arrived in the Cianjur palace, the guards stopped him in front of the gate. They asked the man who he is and what business he have with the governor.

The man told the guards that he was Nyai Apun Gencai’s relative. He told them that he wanted to visit her sister. Knowing that, the guards and the governor welcomed him. The man gave the governor the earth resources that he brought from Sukabumi, and the governor appreciated it. For moments, their conversation were going smooth and ok, until the man told the governor that he came there to take back Nyai Apun Gencai.

The negotiation went to an end when the governor’s fury overwhelmed him. He tried to hit the man, but the man dodged it. Knowing that he alone wouldn’t  be enough to capture the man, the governor tried to call the guards. But it appeared that it was too late. The man stabbed the governor with his ‘conre’ that he kept in his sleeves. Conre is a traditional weapon shaped like a short knife. After that, he left the room and searched for Nyai Apun Gencai. Not long after he found her, they ran from the kingdom.

Miraculously, the governor managed to warn the guards and gave them order to kill the couple before he met his death. The loyal guards of the governor chased the couple until they arrive to Sukabumi. Knowing that running wouldn’t change their condition, the man asked Nyai Apun Gencai to hide in a cave on a mountain near there and wait for him. Then, the man fought the guards bravely. The fight ended wit the the death of the loyal guards, but also the man. Because he used conre as his weapon, people called him Dalem Conre.

Not knowing that Dalem Conre died, Nyai Apun Gencai waited and waited in the cave. She believed that Dalem Conre will come to pick her up. Until now, the people around the mountain believed that Nyai Apun Gencai is still waiting inside the cave for Dalem Conre’s arrival. Because of that, people called the mountain which they believed that Nyai Apun Gencai is still exist in the cave of the mountain as ‘Gunung Geulis.


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