Should Corruptor Get More Punishment?


Do you know what the meaning of corruption is? Is corruption good behaviour? Well, corruption means the abuse of legal power by government official for immoral private gain. It is well-known done with tendency towards the benefits for individual or group interest. Corruption is prominently forbidden not only by law but also religion in Indonesia. That teaches us about bad impact of doing negative things, like getting heavy punishment in the hereafter.

You know? According to the the country’s main audit agency, in 2007 60 percent of Indonesian schools has misappropriated state funds devoted to improving and repairing school facilities. And ICW has accused several government-run schools in Jakarta of allegedly embezzling as much as $633 million in funds awarded by the state for operational assistance.

So, corruption causes mass destruction for people’s misery and I think it should be stopped by give the corruptors punishment. The punishment can be impoverishment, exilement, and death penalty. There are some reasons why I can say this. First, for the impoverishment. According to Transparency International Indonesia Wasekjen, Luky Djani in Sindo Radio discussion at Warung Daun, Jl Cikini Raya, Central Jakarta, Saturday (3/3), making corruptors poor criminals will provide a scary “role model” for those who wish to engage in corruption. [This strategy of] impoverishing the corruptors can be applied by the law enforcement agencies. Beside that, from source, Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also supports verdicts that impoverish corruptors. So, it has been proven that impoverishment suitable for the punishment for corruptors.

Second, I will talk about exilement. If corruptors got exiled, espescially to an unknown place / area, there, he/she will think about what he/she has done. In that case, the possibility for them to do the same thing would be very slim, because of the misery they felt as long as they got exiled. The second advantage is, they would be far from the community.  Which means that they are far from the cycle of money, and they won’t be able to do corruption again, because they’re far from the thing that they would corrupt. So, that’s the second option.

Third, death penalty. Based on constitution 1999 no. 31 article 2 stating that death penalty can be executed in a certain condition and it is really a must to be done including fining death penalty upon the corruptor.

If the death penalty really be executed it will give a shock therapy for the corruptor because all of corruptors will be afraid to do corruption again. Then the candidate of new corruptor will think twice or maybe 3 times, 4 times, 5 times up to hundreds time to do corruption because if they will perpetrate corruption they will get death penalty.

As we know, there are some state that apply this kind of punishment. The example is China. In China, those wo commit corruption, they got punished by death penalty. And the result is, the corruptors got reduced in massive number. The death penalty is the most effective way amongst all. It is, i think, a very suitable punishment. Why? Because they have killed so many people, aware or not. The money that supposed to be given by the government for the nation’s need, lost to an unknown source.

As the rising generation, we shall avoid corruption character, because it is bad for yourself and others and I think everyone should be involved in the effort to eradicate corruption.