Guitar is a musical instrument used by humans long tie ago.  To play it, we have to pluck or pick the strings that attached to the nut and stretched to the bridge. We pick the strings above the sound hole. Mostly, a guitar is formed by six strings on it, but a seven to thirteen stringed guitars also available.

A guitar has many parts on it. The two main parts of a guitar is neck  and body.  In the neck, we can find tuners, nut, frets, and fretboard. On the body, we can find bridge, saddle, soundboard and sound hole.  The strings is located in both main parts, because one side is set in the nut and the other one is locked in the bridge. We pick or pluck the strings on the body by our right hand, while the other one is used to press the strings above the frets.

We play guitar by using both f our hands. We place our right hand on the body in order that we can pick the strings. Our left hand is placed in the neck. We use our fingers to press the frets and detremine which note we gonna play. But even so, soe people use their right hand on the neck and the other one on the body. These people is called ‘left handed’. The normal tuning of a guitar is E,B,G,D,A,E ordered from the first to the sixth string. We can use the tuners to tune or change the tuning, so there are so many tunings available on than the normal one. The example is “Drop D”. The order from the first string is E,B,G,D,A,D.

There are many techniques we ca use while we’re playing guitar. The difficulty for each techniques is variative. There are some techniques that are easy to learn, but no a few hard to learn techniques also exists. The example of an easy one is called ‘slide’. It is easy to learn. We just have to change the possition of our finger while a note is sounded by sliding our finger without making the sound get cut. Aside from that, the example of the hard one is called ‘sweep’. This and is really hard. We have to possess a big patient to learn it, because there are some steps to learn this one. Just like the name, we do this one by sweeping the strings in order, with a structured notes, and we do it fastly and we have to keep the sound chains. We need speed, skill, and precission to do this one, so, it is hard to learn.