Pelita Bows Down to Persib

Bandung, February 5th, 2012. A match was held between Persib Bandung and Pelita Jaya in Jalak Harupat stadion. The game started at 7 PM, with both teams strikes at each other aggressively. The first goal was scored by Persib Bandung, with a kick by Jajang Sukmara in minute 10th. Not satisfied by that, another goal was scored by the kick of Moses Sukyi in the minute 21st. The score remains until the first half ended.

Being dominated by the ‘Maung Bandung’, Pelita Jaya didn’t just give up to the temporary result. In the 67th minute, Jendri Pitoy’s goal net got vibrated. A kick from Safee Sali smash through Jendri Pitoy’s left hand and bounced right onto the goal. After Pelita Jaya catch up, Maman Abdurrahman and friends didn’t got down. Their spirits are even wilder than before. The score has changed into 3-1, after Moses Sukyi scores another goal.

Not long after Safee Sali scores a goal, the referee gave him the yellow card after he did a forbidden action to a Persib player. Even though both teams strikes back at each other, the score didn’t change. It remains 3-1 until the game ended and persib won over Pelita Jaya.